Cecile Monique’s first full-length album, “Genesis,” is now available worldwide on all major digital retailers!  Visit the MUSIC page to listen to the album online, or purchase it from your favourite online service!

Physical copies of the album and exclusive GENESIS merch are also available from Cecile Monique’s Official STORE.

Vote for Cecile Monique in the M’era Luna Newcomer Contest!

IMMORTAL BELOVEDS, CECILE MONIQUE NEEDS YOUR VOTE in the M’era Luna Newcomer Competition! It’s the biggest music festival in the world for Gothic music and it has always been Cecile’s dream to perform there! Cecile has a chance of playing there this year in Germany and is currently theย only North American artist in the competition!!ย  If she wins the finals, Cecile Monique would be proudly representing CANADA!

Please cast your vote at:

Instructions (website is in German):

1) Hover over Cecile’s photo and click “VOTEN”
2) Enter your email address in the box and an email will be sent to you immediately
3) Follow the link in the email to confirm your vote. The vote is only tallied after the link from the email is clicked


Meeting my heroes, APOCALYPTICA!!!


I recently had the unbelievably huge privilege of meeting Eicca and Mikko from my all-time FAVOURITE band, Apocalyptica, after their concert in Guelph!! The guys were here as part of a mini-tour of Canada that culminated with their performance at Heavy MTL this weekend.

For those of you who have heard me talk about my biggest musical influences in interviews before, it’s no secret that Apocalyptica is by far the band that has been my greatest inspiration as an artist, so meeting them was quite literally a dream come true! It’s always extremely exciting to get a chance to see Apocalyptica perform in Canada, and their show was beyond incredible, but it was an true honour to meet the artists that I regard as my musical heroes! They were so kind, friendly and even took the time to take a picture with me, which made the experience even more unforgettable! Add to that the fact that Mikko also happens to be my favourite drummer in the whole world (and, I must say, he’s also so sweet and even more handsome in person! :P), and it definitely takes the cake as the best concert-going experience EVER!

Cello Lessons!

I recently had my first-ever mini-lesson on my favourite instrument, the cello! Those of you who have heard what a huge Apocalyptica fan I am can probably imagine how excited I was to try this! I have to admit, I was like a kid in a candy store!

What do you think, should my heroes, Apocalyptica, make some room for me in their lineup? ๐Ÿ˜›

Greetings from Elora Gorge

Here’s another shot from our “Kindred” music video shoot with Crestina Photography in beautiful Elora! Just look at that beautiful cliff and the pristine view! You might even say it’s Elora GORGEous ๐Ÿ˜‰ eh? Eh!? ๐Ÿ˜›

More outtakes from the “Kindred” video shoot!

Here’s another pic from the on-location shoot of our brand new music video for “Kindred!” Here I am with the awesome Crestina, the Director of Photography for the shoot, who was proudly representing and showing off her Cecile Monique t-shirt! A special thanks to Crestina and the whole team for all their hard work with this shoot! Can’t wait to share the video with you all sooooooon!

Behind-the-scenes pic of the “Kindred” video shoot!

Here’s a little candid shot from our “Kindred” music video shoot yesterday! Here I am on location with my good friend Crestina of Crestina Photography, who was hard at work as the Director of Photography for the shoot! I can’t wait to show you all the finished product when the video is released online! Stay tuned for details about the release date and maybe even some more sneak peeks!